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Waterborne PU Leather Question&Answer2

Waterborne PU Leather Questions and Answers II

12. Q: Does your factory have a certificate for waterborne PU?

A: Yes, our factory has ISO45001, GB/T24001/ISO14001, GB/T19001/ISO9001, GRS, and other certifications.

Our products have inspection reports from authoritative testing organizations such as SGS, BV, and the company is equipped with complete physical and chemical testing equipment to ensure that each batch of water-based products fully meets the highest environmental protection requirements.

13. Q: Is waterborne PU leather your patented product?

A: Waterborne PU leather is a new technology-based material. Our company has more than 100 patents for waterborne polyurethane inventions, waterborne synthetic leather innovative technology and preparation patents, and waterborne synthetic leather production line equipment patents. The company has the world’s leading waterborne polyurethane technology and is a full-material supplier of water-based synthetic leather technology solutions in the industry.

14. Q: There are many water-based PU leather on the market, how to distinguish authenticity?

A: Waterborne PU technology and waterborne microfiber technology are currently only mastered by a very small number of companies, and the market demand is huge, counterfeit “water-based” products will appear on the market. When purchasing, look for products produced by formal factories. A formal factory should have the National Development and Reform Commission’s waterborne PU project approval, the State Environmental Protection Agency’s environmental assessment report, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce project registration. Water-based PU leather has no pungent odor, no harmful chemicals. It also can be identified by the chemical test report from SGS, BV, and other institutions.

Consumers can choose water-based PU leather based on the above points.

15. Q: What are your advantages over other waterborne PU leather factories?

A: Waterborne PU technology and waterborne microfiber technology are currently only mastered by a few companies. Our company has more than 100 patents for waterborne polyurethane inventions, water-based synthetic leather innovative technology and preparation patents, and water-based synthetic leather production line equipment patents. Our company has the world’s leading waterborne polyurethane technology. It is the industry’s leading supplier. From the core material-waterborne resin to waterborne surface treatment agents, waterborne functional additives, waterborne synthetic leather BASE to waterborne synthetic leather products, the whole process is self-controlled. Therefore, we have an absolute price advantage, a rich product line, short research and development cycle, and products with special performance can be customized. We have a complete sales system and after-sales service to provide the market and brands with the highest quality waterborne PU leather.

16. Q: What is GRS? Do you have GRS products?

A: The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) was originally developed by Control Union Certifications (CU) in 2008 and ownership was passed to Textile Exchange on January 1, 2011. The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The goal of the GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production.

The Global Recycled Standard is intended for use with any product that contains at least 20% Recycled Material. Each stage of production is required to be certified, beginning at the recycling stage and ending at the last seller in the final business-to-business transaction. Material Collection and Material Concentration sites are subject to self-declaration, document collection, and on-site visits.

More and more major international brands prefer selecting supplier which have GRS certification as a condition. By recycling the recyclable renewable fiber raw materials during the production process and after use, and then making clothing, luggage, a series of GRS certified products are also favored by consumers and brands. Our company has passed GRS certification and can provide waterborne PU leather products using recycled polyester as the leather base fabric.

17. Q: What is your MOQ for water-based PU leather? How much is the price?

A: Product prices will vary according to style, physical properties and quantity.

The product’s minimum order quantity is 500 yards/color (series products and customized products). If it is less than 500 yards and higher than 100 yards, an extra price will be added to the price of bulk goods. For details, please click “Contact Us” for consultation.

18. Q: I have a piece of leather that I bought on the market, but I want to make it into a water-based PU leather product, can I?

A: Yes, click “Contact Us” and send a high-resolution photo of the leather, mark the thickness and other requirements and leave your contact information. Our staff will confirm the information and contact you.

19. Q: Do you accept me to provide you with a ground fabric for processing surface waterborne PU coating? How much is the price? What is the minimum order quantity?

A: We accept fabric processing, and the processing fee varies according to the product. You need to send the fabric to us first, our engineer will make a sample, and the quotation department will provide the bulk processing price after review. The minimum order quantity is 500 yards.

20. Q: Do you have waterborne PU leather made of RPET materials? Can you provide samples?

A: Yes, RPET is recycled polyester, and we have waterborne PU leather that uses RPET material as the ground fabric. Samples can be provided.

21. Q: If I buy water-based PU leather from you, will you provide a test report from SGS or other international testing agencies?

A: Our company has physical and chemical testing equipment, and each bulk order will provide a test report issued by our company. Each batch of products is guaranteed to meet the testing standards required by customers. A third-party test report (such as SGS, BV, etc.) can also be provided by taking an extra fee.

22. Q: What is the lead time for the production of waterborne PU leather?

A: The lead time of conventional products is 7-10 working days and 10-15 working days (excluding shipping time) after placing the order. The lead time of special customized products is subject to the order.

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